State Responses to COVID-19, State Reputations and Long-Term Economic Health

Author: Michael Nelson , Chris Witko

Article Topics: economy, employment, research After weeks of stay at home orders or less intense forms of social distancing, most states have either completely reopened their economies or are in the process of phased re-openings. Yet, in some states COVID-19 cases are increasing significantly and experts warn that even in states with clear declines further shut-downs may be necessary to avoid large spikes. The public within a state pays close attention to these decisions and leader or laggard states even receive a lot of attention from people outside of their borders.  How does this shape perceptions of state governments and states as…

Covid-19 And Disruptions In Scientific Field Work

Author: Jon M. Nese, Ph.D.

Article Topics: weather, research Arguably the most well-publicized disruption to higher education resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic was the widespread conversion to remote learning at colleges and universities in March. Indeed, I taught both of my courses from home for seven weeks after spring break. But in addition, much of the activity at a university such as Penn State involves research by faculty and staff, and those efforts have been disrupted as well – particularly work that requires being in the field. In this video, which first aired on May 6, 2020 as part of Penn State's long-running weather magazine show…