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Let your voice be heard!

The Centre County COVID-19 Data 4 Action Project (Data 4 Action) is collaborating with local government and community groups to better understand the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic in Centre County.

For Centre County Residents

We are currently asking Centre County residents to take a 10-minute, anonymous survey, which will document health, economic, educational, social and other impacts during the pandemic. By taking the survey, we can ensure everyone’s voice is heard and help local government officials and Penn State administrators in making the best decisions possible to ensure the health and safety of Centre County residents and Penn State students. 

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Telephone survey is also available at 814-753-4799 from 12:00pm to 7:00pm M-F with an option for respondents to request a callback if you call in after hours.

Centre County residents' lives have been impacted.
Has yours?
Take the 10-minute survey and contribute to the county's story.

Bar chart showing, 28% significantly disrupted,  55% moderately disrupted, 3% not been disrupted.
Bar chart showing 7% I lost my job, am furloughed, or have a paid job but are not working, 56% I have a paid job and am currently working.


To provide community and university decision-makers with data about changes in COVID-19 prevalence as well as changes in residents’ and students’ experiences related to the pandemic.

Yes. You can complete the D4A Community Survey without providing any identifying information. At the end of the survey you will have an opportunity to indicate your interest in finding out more about future studies. You can choose to provide your contact information.

The initial Data 4 Action Community Survey is for adults currently living in Centre County. Students who are permanent residents of Centre County can participate in this survey.

Students who are current residents of Centre County can participate in the survey. Students who will be returning to campus when classes resume will have opportunities to participate in other portions of the Data 4 Action Project.


Possibly. After the initial survey, participants may choose to enroll for follow-up projects that include testing for infection and antibodies.

Survey results will be summarized and provided to the community and university. Additionally, the data will be provided to local officials and university administrators to help inform their decision-making around COVID-19 policies and practices.