A Symbiotic Short: Collecting COVID-19 Data for Action

Oct 27, 2020

This short teaser describes a uniquely collaborative effort led by Penn State research scientists to measure the social, economic health-related impacts of COVID-19 on the population of Centre County, PA. A full podcast episode, including an audio-only version and transcript, is available at www.…

Update on In-Person Human Subjects Research

Oct 15, 2020

Since July, the University has been allowing a limited number of in-person human subjects research projects to resume following the process outlined here: Procedures: Request to Conduct In-Person Human Subjects Research During the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Thus far, only on-campus research has been…

Impacts of the coronavirus on social support and mental health

Oct 13, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic represents an unprecedented source of stress for today’s college students. In addition to the physical health threat COVID-19 poses to students and their loved ones, the psychological impact of the pandemic has been profound, with stress, anxiety, and depressive…

Researchers study trends in Pennsylvania school reopening plans

Oct 13, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented numerous challenges to school districts across the nation as they have debated options for educating students safely. According to researchers in Penn State’s College of Education, the decision by Pennsylvania school districts to re-open schools in-person,…

Reflections from Living in Sweden during COVID-19

Sep 30, 2020

Read about Lara Fowler, senior lecturer in the School of International Affairs in Penn State Law, and her family’s experiences living in Sweden as visiting scholars during the pandemic. In the first post, Fowler describes the unique dynamics of Sweden, including its health care system, citizens’…

Public health preparedness master's students take on COVID-19-related projects

Sep 28, 2020

When COVID-19 gained pandemic status in the spring, students in health-related fields across the country saw topics from  their courses and training become a reality.
For Heather Schubert and Jennie Kriznik, recent graduates of the master of professional studies in homeland security public health…

Why Social Science? Because We’re Living Through an “Infodemic”

Sep 23, 2020

By Stephen C. Rea, PhD (Colorado School of Mines), Colin Bernatzky (University of California Irvine), and Sion Avakian (University of California, Irvine)
In February 2020, about a month before COVID-19 became an inescapable reality around the world, the World Health Organization issued a warning…

Responding to COVID-19: Emerging Insights from SBE Sciences

Sep 22, 2020

COSSA is collaborating with the Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education (DBASSE) at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine; the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences; the Federation Associations in Behavioral and Brain Sciences; and SAGE…

Expanding Empathy Zoom Webinars

Sep 14, 2020

In the midst of a global pandemic, now may be the time to extend empathy to those around you, and a webinar series through the Rock Ethics Institute at Penn State is helping others do just that.
Daryl Cameron, assistant professor of psychology and a research associate at the Rock Ethics Institute,…

Impacts of the coronavirus on child care facilities

Sep 10, 2020

The operational and financial impacts of COVID-19 on Pennsylvania child care providers and staff have been significant. Most child care programs closed, at least temporarily, in the initial weeks of the pandemic, eliminating income even while costs continued to accrue. Throughout the closure,…

NSF funding to bolster research communication strategies project

Sep 4, 2020

Penn State’s Research-to-Policy Collaboration (RPC) is expanding a project to better respond to legislators’ needs for social and behavioral research related to the coronavirus pandemic with new funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF).
A pilot of the project began earlier this year when…

Impacts of the coronavirus on parental substance abuse

Sep 2, 2020

Market research regarding substance use during the COVID-19 pandemic shows alcoholic beverage sales increased by about 55% in March compared to March of last year, while sales of combustible cigarettes  increased across several countries. Meanwhile, the Overdose Detection Mapping Application…

Impacts of the coronavirus on moral emotions

Aug 31, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic is currently surging across the United States and worldwide, individuals and institutions are debating what can and should be done to protect public health. When it comes to how we navigate this complex landscape, what is the role of how we feel, and how we choose to manage…

Covid-19 & the Classroom: Back to School in a Pandemic

Aug 31, 2020

As schools reopen (and don't reopen) for the fall, we're gathering a group of education experts for an #AskReuters Twitter chat. Join us Wednesday, Sept. 2 at 2 p.m. ET.

Data 4 Action Project continues with community survey, antibody testing

Aug 28, 2020

A research project is allowing Centre County residents to share their pandemic experiences and participate in decision-making as the region moves forward.
Penn State's Social Science Research Institute (SSRI), Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences, and the Clinical and Translational Science…

Why Social Science? Because Collective Behavior Change is the Only Way We Can Stop the Spread of COVID-19

Aug 26, 2020

By Jolanda Jetten (University of Queensland), Stephen D. Reicher (University of St Andrews), S. Alexander Haslam (University of Queensland), and Tegan Cruwys (University of Queensland)

The idea that led us to write the book titled Together Apart: The Psychology of COVID-19 was a very simple one.…

Impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on increasing privacy risks

Aug 19, 2020

Penn State researchers have observed that social media users who may be looking for ways to stay close during isolation appear to be sharing more personal information online. This is a concern because we know that personal information shared voluntarily through social media is vulnerable to…

Mood of the Nation Poll offers a snapshot of life during pandemic's early phase

Aug 17, 2020

As COVID-19 swept across the country this spring, most Americans reported feeling fearful of at least one daily activity that they did not think twice about before the pandemic, according to findings from the latest McCourtney Institute for Democracy Mood of the Nation Poll.
The poll, conducted…

MASC initiative helps unite Penn State in the COVID-19 fight

Aug 7, 2020

An interdisciplinary team of almost 400 Penn Staters are helping healthcare workers at Penn State Health and local hospitals fight COVID-19 through the Manufacturing And Sterilization for COVID-19 (MASC) initiative, and the story behind it highlights the power of partnership at Penn State to help…

Impacts of the coronavirus on non-COVID related medical care

Aug 4, 2020

Much of the attention surrounding COVID-19 has focused on the incidence, the risk factors, and the medical needs of COVID-19 patients as well as the profound economic impact of the pandemic. However, an increasing area of emphasis is the profound effect the pandemic has had on non-COVID related…

New online event series brings virtual conversations to the Penn State community

Aug 4, 2020

A new virtual event series launched earlier this year by the College of Health and Human Development has become a hub of activity for interactive engagement among friends and alumni of the Penn State community. The “HHD On Location: Home Edition” events, which feature discussions between an…

Impacts of the coronavirus on economic recovery in Pennsylvania

Jul 30, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound affect on Pennsylvania’s economy, in a way that has no recent historical comparison, with potentially long-lasting effects. In this article, Göktuğ Morçöl, Penn State professor of public policy and administration in the School of Public Affairs, discusses…

Faculty helping develop online course on coronavirus science for K-12 schools

Jul 29, 2020

During the COVID-19 outbreak, faculty at Penn State’s Center for Science and the Schools are helping to create a course to help engage middle and high school students in multiple explorations to help them better understand the science behind the pandemic and learn how scientists create new…

Impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on restaurant and food service businesses

Jul 27, 2020

Restaurants and foodservice businesses were some of the first economic activities severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Dining in restaurants virtually stopped overnight in cities and states as social distancing guidelines took effect. A Penn State research team has been working to develop…

Impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on state responses and economic health

Jul 21, 2020

While some states have either completely reopened their economies or are in the process of phased re-openings, in others COVID-19 cases are increasing significantly and experts warn further shut-downs may be necessary to avoid large spikes. The public within these states pay close attention to…